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Flickr Group May Meet

After long discussion on Flickr forum final location for May meet was chosen. NTU Jubilee Campus was picked but the weather again wasn’t fortunate for us and meeting was cancelled.

I started to think that really weather might have some issue with this group as we had good weather only once on first meet. Anyways I decided to try again following weekend even if I’ll be in my own fortunately Steve turned up and was great cos I was looking forward to meet him personally for some time. That was my first time in the campus and must admit impressed me a lot. There is great potential from photography point of view. Continue reading

Pavilion in Mono

If shooting for some time you probably looked back at your photos and realize that now you would do some things different way. This is absolutely normal after few years practice you have to do some things better or you should sell your gear. Picture I’ve reviewed wasn’t taken that long ago, just last summer (2012) in Brighton but just now I realized what works better for this shot. Continue reading

Clouds factory

After recent incident with my gear (knocked lens) I went to check in field whether my Sigma 10-20mm is still usable and… is not but that’s not all. Accidents happen usually one after another. So I went to photograph sun rise behind Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station. Thanks to my friend Adam I checked website call SunCalc and was able to pick the best point to shoot from before I got there. Very handy website indeed. Continue reading

Flickr group meeting at Curbar Edge

Firstly as you might already noticed my new photos have new signature, from now on this will be my new logo as well on other pages.

New group on Flickr was founded ‘Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Photographers‘ idea of this group is generally meeting outdoors once a month and shoot. Not sure whether this meetings going to be restricted only to locations in both shires or not. Anyways first meeting place was chosen at Curbar Edge on Saturday the 2nd of January. Time 6:35am on carpark nearby I got there for the first time without issues and met Tracey and Jon couple minutes later Brian got there as well. Waited till 6.45am as was said for couple more guys but they didn’t show up so we headed towards Curbar Edge. Continue reading

Canning circus / general cemetery/ newton building Walk jan 27th

Today I had an opportunity to put faces to the names from Flickr Nottingham group and one fellow from Google plus community website of Photographers of Nottingham.
Route was planned by Steve. We Started from short walk around old factories on back of Alfreton road and than through General Cemetery Nottingham, Arboretum and NTU buildings and end on top of Wollaton street Car Park.

Continue reading

Winter in Attenborough Nature Reserve

Early morning I got up and wanted to take some winter shoots. Firstly I thought to go to Wollaton Park but on the way I’ve changed my mind as I was there not that long ago. I headed to Attenborough Nature Reserve instead. Few miles further away but I wasn’t there for some time and I thought that would be nice walk around park.
When I got there I knew that was good choice. Continue reading

Nottingham Buildings: Wollaton Hall

Todays great building designed by Robert Smythson is Wollaton Hall built between 1580 and 1588 for Sir Francis Willoughby and his family. This magnificent Hall was recently home of The Batman in film from 2012 The Dark Knight Rises.

The building is in the English Renaissance style and its central lower tower and flanking turrets are considered to be a masterpiece. Repaired and remodeled in 1801 by Sir Jeffery Wyattville and later occupied by the Middletons, the interior of the building is as attractive as its exterior, boasting fabulous design.

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Nottingham Buildings: The Newton Building

Recently I was inspired by great architecture and buildings in Nottingham. There is loads great buildings big and small. Today I want to share in my opinion greatest building from its time “The Newton Building”. Now part of Trent University Campus and originally was build for Technical College between 1956 and 1958. Designed by Cecil Howitt Continue reading